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Bullet INCO 72.1 Tray


INCO 72.1 Free-standing trayfor metallic sandwich or double façades. It replaces traditional structural supports and forms the inner part of the sandwich enclosure, resulting in a smooth inner surface. They can also be used for sandwich roofs, eliminating the need for structural supports or increasing the distance between the same. This profile is available galvanized and in different primed colours. Perforated steel can be used for applications requiring better acoustics.


bandeja metalica fachada industrial

Producto Patentado 502356 (4)

_Metallic_Facings_Technica__Document.pdf (7 Mb)
A technical dossier in which you can find information about the calculation and the installation of our profiles for use as roofs and façades.
Metallic_Facades_Construction_Details.pdf (2,06 Mb)
A collection in .pdf format of the construction details of the various unions, elements and possible metallic sheet facing solutions for façades and roofs.

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